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  • Quick Tip - Migrating TagPrefixes to Web.config

    I've written about moving the <%@ Register TagPrefix ... %> directives out of your ASPX pages, and into your web.config.  But one thing I never talked about was - how to do that step.  I always did it manually, but about a year ago, I remember talking with one of the developers on the Project Upgrade Utility.. Well, that discussion to my surprise spawned off a lovely feature..  So here's the simple 2 step process

  • A sad day for my laptop bag

    Well, it finally happened.. my PDC 2005 laptop bag started to tear apart at the seams.  It took me about a week to finally choose its replacement.  I had was looking for three things.  It had to look good for one.  For the amount of time I carry my laptop around with me, it's almost like a fashion accessory.  My second requirement was that it was small.  With the amount of traveling I do, the last thing I want is a big clunky bag.  My final requirement was that it looked professional enough for me to comfortably take it into business meetings without being embarrassed.  I finally decided on the Case Logic bag.

  • Back from Teched

    I'm finally back from Orlando, or at least I think I am.. but the weather here in NJ isn't the beautiful 75 degrees it was when I left, it's the 95 degrees that I was hoping to leave in Orlando.  Oh well, it's still good to be home.