Security enhancement feature added to Visual WebGui enterprise HTML5 Platform

Access to an enterprises internal web based application poses significant security problems for most organizations. With the expansion of the internet and BYOD, applications that were accessed in the past only from within an organization over an internal intranet network have now expanded to the outside world in the form of mobiles and tablets found at employee’s homes or on the road. As these applications usually contain sensitive data, a developer must consider a whole world of scenarios that need to take effect specifically, the systems firewall which protects from hacking and the authentication and authorization mechanism. Internal enterprise applications usually require authentication and authorization by a logged in user to access certain or all of the information on a given application. Moreover, these applications need to make decisions based on a given logged in user: some pages or actions might be restricted to only logged in users, or to a certain subset of users; other pages might show information specific to the logged in user, or might show more or less information, depending on the user viewing the page.

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Creating a forms security

At Gizmox, we have always focused on how to ease the developers’ transition to secure, native-like, HTML5 web application development so that it as friendly and familiar as possible. For this reason. we have created the Forms Security mechanism in Visual WebGui. This mechanism allows developers to fairly easily and rapidly integrate a filesystem-based permissions mechanism into Visual WebGui applications which run in an Active Directory environment on Windows operating systems. This is done by generating a dummy file for each form in an application, in a dedicated directory under the application root. After this has been generated, a system admin for example, could leverage access to the application’s forms by modifying the appropriate dummy file permissions through a familiar IIS Manager or file system interface..

Building secure internal web based applications for enterprises will surely come naturally for Visual WebGui developers, making the look and feel of your Visual WebGui’s application as native to the device as possible with native level security


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