October CTP release of Sql Server 2005 Installation issues and resolution


Since it is now public knowledge that the build of October CTP bits of Sql Server 2005 are out, I thought I would post some info regarding installation problems that I had and that thanks to the public newsgroups was resolved.

  • The default install of Sql Server 2005 seems to have gone just fine for me.
  • The default install of VS.NET Whidbey does not install properly.  To get the install to run, you must deselect Visual C++, Team Studio options, and the performance analysis options.
  • The default install of the MSDN library does not work properly.  The files from the cd images must be extracted into a common directory and the setup.ini file must be changed to use the appropiate version of the framework.  The version of dotnetfx should be 2.0.40903 instead of 2.0.40901.  Even with this change, there have been some additional reports of issues with MSDN in this build, but I have not seen them.

Thanks to Paul Murphy, Brad Raulston, and Nat (who ever Nat is in the newsgroups).


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