Create your own VB.COM - A suggestion to the MVPs that want their VB6 back

I have read this evening where a number of MVPs are signing a petition asking for Microsoft to add Classic VB back into the Visual Studio IDE.  I would suggest that since they see a market for this, they can download the VSIP SDK and build an open source addin to Visual Studio so that they can have their own VB.COM. 
BTW, I love to program in VB.  I think it is a great language.  I write stuff in it today.  I have been doing my demos in VB.NET.  VB6 was a great language and environment.  It still is.  Applications run with it today.  Given the choice, I just don't want to go back.  And, I don't want the total confusion this would create.  2 VBs?  No thanks.
PS. I wish I could take credit for the idea, but Paul Murphy came up with the idea in an IM conversation last night.  Geez, I wish I was as smart as him.  :-)

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