Coach Wally is now 4-0

Coach Dad went 2-0 this weekend to raise our combinded record to 4-0 for this year. Our 2nd-3rd grade team won in an interesting way.  Bradley got sick on Friday night.  He was up in the middle of the night.  He woke me up about 3 am.  I never got back to sleep so I was operating on 3 hours of sleep on Saturday.  Ronda told me that Bradley didn't want to play but that he wanted to go to the game.  When he got to the game, he said he could play a little bit.  He played two quarters and played really well.  Out of that game, we got several of the other kids to play hard to make up for our sick player.  Coach Wayne's granddaughter played well.  She scored 5 points.  We had some other kids play well.  I was very happy with the performance.  This team won 32-18.  One bit of bad news is that Coach Wayne has torn the ACL in his left knee and will have surgery in about two weeks. Coach Wayne will be out for two weeks.  I hope everything goes well and he comes back quickly.

Our 4th-5th grade team played well and won.  We jumped out to a big early lead.  As a result, I had to change my substitution pattern.  Coach Frank's son was great.  He plays football and is very aggressive.  I am a little agraid he might hurt some of the other kids given how hard he plays.  I played him in the first two quarters.  He was scheduled to play in the third quarter, but I had to sit him given how great he played.  Our tall girl (who is almost as tall as me) played really well.  She was tough out there and played hard defense.  I have never seen her so aggressive.  I was able to get the other kids experience in being the point guard.  FYI, the point guard position is the position that all the kids want to play.  Its the position that is so critical at this age.

We joke about my father being the General Manager.  Last year, we were 4-4 (both kids played on the same team).  The GM joked with me that he expected a better record this year.  He told me that he was concerned about the team, but that he was giving the coach the dreaded "Vote of Confidence."  I hope I make it through the end of the season.  ;-)

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