Mix06 Personal Roundup

I'm writing this on the plane on my way back from Vegas.  I was really impressed with the features of Atlas that I saw.  It was good to catch up and meet new folks at MS and elsewhere.  Shanku Niyogi, Nikhil Kothari, Brad Abrams, Pete LePage, Thomas Lewis, Keith Smith, Bertrand Le Roy, Jonathon Hawkins, Ron Jacobs (The Channel9 ArcCast guy), Chris Adams, Brett Hill, Thomas Deml, Scott Cate, Cheryl Wise, DataGridGirl (oops, guess it is GridViewGirl now), Rob Howard, ScottW, Shaun Walker, Miljan Bratecevic, Jim Minatel and others.  I got so much podcast content done and even a few sessions attended.  I am exhausted from the whole experience. 

For me, the absolute funniest experience was when I was going up the escalator on Monday morning with Jim Minatel and David Barkol points at me from behind and yells, "I listen to your show." 


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