ASP.NET Podcast #49 - Paul talks about the Secure Text Box




    • What have I been doing lately
      • Finished all the chapters on the book, now into Author review stage
      • 4th Dan black belt
      • Kneecap popped out
      • Trying to keep up with Wally's pace of podcasting.
      • Playing my XBox360
    • Technical Stuff
      • The release of the Atlas March CTP
        • great improvements like support for gadgets
        • Web service bridging - accessing web services outside of your originating domain
        • Agility controls
        • Alas eabling my site (
      • Web Deployment projects. (
        • Deployment of resource files. Precompiled means you cant selectively deploy just resource file, meaning you have to deploy the whole site just for a resource file update.
      • Web application projects. (
        • VS2003 like project system
        • Source control advantages
        • Compilation advantages
      • SecurePasswordTextBox control.
        • Uses the .Net V2 SecureString class.
  • This control adds directly to a securestring instance – no managed string instance.

  • Available with full source code at

Upcoming discussions

·         Request/Response compression for standard web services as well as all WSE3 based services.

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