Android 7 with Xamarin


Xamarin has updated Xamarin.Android to support the latest version of Android -- version 7, aka. Nougat -- that was made available in mid-August. My Nexus 6p and Nexus 7 have both been updated to Android 7 since then, and developers have all of the sweet, gooey goodness necessary to build applications for it.

While Android 7 doesn't appear to be a major update, there are some new items in it that are rather interesting:

  • Multi-Window API: Users can open two apps on the screen at once, assuming that the screen on the device is large enough to support more than one app.
  • Notification Enhancements: The notifications system was redesigned to include a direct reply feature. Users can reply directly to messages from the notification UI.
  • Data Save: The Data Saver is a new system service that helps to reduce cellular data use by applications. It does this by giving users control over how applications use cellular data.

Other features of interest to developers include network security configuration, doze on the go, key attestation, new Quick Settings APIs, multi-locale support, ICU4J APIs, WebView improvements, Java 8 language features, directory access, custom pointer API, platform virtual reality (VR) support, virtual files and background processing optimizations.

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