ASP.NET 4.0 AJAX - Caching Data on the client


One of the interesting new objects in ASP.NET 4.0 AJAX is the DataView.  its a client side object which is associated with a display tag of some type.  In my examples, I've been using a table.  I assume it could be anything.  One of the features of the DataView is the ability to call an event each time a record is bound to the DataView.  This is similar in concept to the server side grids which have the OnRowDataBound events (or similarly named).  One of the common scenarios that I see is to have a drop down list box inside of a record.  This could represent typically anything.  As I was working through the DataView, I thought about some type of efficient way to cache the data.  In my scenario, the data is constant across the rows, so caching it is fairly easy.  Anyway, here goes:

  1. I call the method to get my data first before doing anything else in my page load client side event:
            TwitterService.GetFriends(userName, StoreFriendsCallBack);
            TwitterService.GetUserTimeLine(userName, TwitterServiceCallBack, TwitterServiceFailure);
  2. In side of my StoreFriendsCallBack method, all I do is store my data to a global js variable I call dd.
        function StoreFriendsCallBack(result) {
            dd = result;
  3. Finally, I test to see if my dd (dropdown) object has any data or not.  If it has data, I use it, if not, then I go ahead and call back to the server to get my data.
            if (dd == null) {
                TwitterService.GetFriends("More_Wally", FriendsCallBack, null, userCtx);
            else {
                DisplaySelect(dd, userCtx);

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