ASP.NET Providers with Windows Azure


Are you trying to get the ASP.NET Provider code working in a separate application with Windows Azure?  If so, check out this item from the read me file:

  • Make sure that the Table Storage service is running in development storage. Also make sure that the database called 'ServiceHostingSDKSamples' is currently selected for the table service; choose Development Storage -> Tools -> Table service properties -> ServiceHostingSDKSamples. 

I missed this and got the error message below:

<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"utf-8\" standalone=\"yes\"?>
<error xmlns=\"\">
<message xml:lang=\"en-US\">Attempt to create table 'Sessions' failed. Creating a new table dynamically is not supported in development storage</message>

I sure hope that this changes  in the future.  I'd like some way to have the membership "stuff" setup for me, like with .net 2.x.

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