Customizing Xamarin Forms


In an earlier column on Xamarin Forms app customizing, I looked at how realistic it is to create a Xamarin Forms (XF) application and how close it can tie to the platform. How close does an XF application look in comparison to an iOS and Android application? Now that my startup has been using the application, we found a few items that were "wanting":

  • Saving log-in information. When an app is loaded, no one wants to continually type in a name and password. Users want to just load the application and go with it.
  • Network requests. When a network request is ongoing, such as an upload, what kind of information is communicated back to the user? Is it just the activity indicator or is more possible?
  • Network availability. Is there some mechanism to check for a 3G/4G/Wi-Fi network? If there is no network, the application should communicate this to the user or at least not crash.

I'll look at these nagging features and how to improve the UX of the application.

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