Enough is Enough

As everyone knows, the United States Capital was breached by thugs trying to disrupt the validation of the Electoral College votes for the 2020 National Election for The President Of The United States.  A group of protestors/thugs then laid siege to the capital.  I won’t bore you with my thoughts on this.  I have listened to various political leaders this afternoon.  I would hope that Joe Biden would lead us forward.  You have a hard road ahead of you.  I feel for what you are going through at this time.

Along the line of Joe Biden leading us forward, there are many myths surrounding what the problem is.  The problem is that there are more problems than are being discussed.  I would hope that President Joe Biden would come forward and listen to the problems.  I invite you to come to my office and listen.  I can fill you up a number of issues.  It’s way beyond race.

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