HTML5 Threading with Web Workers and Data Storage with IndexedDB - MSDN Article

In a previous article, I looked at the HTML5 <video> tag and History object, two of the many features that developers have started to implement to give users of their apps new input controls, jQuery Mobile features, location and mapping, and much more. In this article, I continue exploring HTML5 features with a look at Web Workers, which let you speed up your client-side applications, and Indexed DB, a client-side data storage mechanism that is the preferred storage approach going forward in HTML5. (Before Indexed DB—also known as the Indexed Database API—work was focused on a standard named WebSQL. That work was discontinued in the fall of 2010. IndexedDB is the result of follow-on work to create a standard for data storage in Web browsers.)

Note: The APIs for HTML5 vary slightly across different versions of browsers and different implementations. Because HTML5 is still in the recommendation phase at the W3C, you should think of it as a draft at this point. Because these APIs may change before they become a final standard, I cover only the version of HTML5 implemented in Internet Explorer 10. Every opportunity will be made to test the code across other browsers to verify that it works.


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