iOS6 for .NET & C# Developers with MonoTouch - New UI Controls


Course Description: The User Interface (UI) has become a very important part of any application. This course will cover application UI in iOS 6. You will see the UI refresh control and how to have the UI refresh in an application. Then you will look at UI collection view and how work with data, cells and other items. Then the course will cover layout and display. You will see section inset, sub classing layouts and how to create linear and circular layouts.

1+ hours of media runtime

User Interface

UI Refresh Control

  • Pull to Refresh
  • UI Refresh Control
  • Begin/End Refreshing
  • Other Members
  • What About iOS5?
  • Demo: iOS6 UI Refresh Control
  • Demo: iOS5 UI Refresh

UI Collection View

  • UI Collection View
  • Data
  • UI Collection View Cell
  • Cells
  • Supplementary Views
  • Decoration Views
  • Delegate
  • Cell Highlighting
  • Disabling Selection
  • Cell Menus
  • Demo: UI Collection View

Layout and Display

  • Layouts
  • Section Inset
  • Subclassing Layouts
  • UI Collection View Flow Layout
  • Custom Layouts
  • Demo: Linear Layout
  • Demo: Circular Layout
  • Key Takeaway

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