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I wanted to share my feeling at watching the scoreboards on Sunday February 18th, 2018.  It is awesome to know that I’ve built a system that people can use and I don’t have to be around to see.  It’s hard when things start.  Your goal when you start is not to have everything perfect.  Your goal is to have something that people can use initially.  It’s not perfect.  It is a start.  Initially, it is called a Minimum Viable Product.  Minimum is the key.  You start with the minimum set of features that people can use.  Over time, you add features.  You improve the product.  That is called iteration.  And that is what I have done.  I have taken a product that I had to go to the golf course to run to now, the golf assistant procs can run the application with no interaction from me.  For the club games, we have things to the point where a golf pro just needs to:

  • Select which club game a group is playing.  The game type, game settings, and money are all preset.  The only thing the pros need to do is select the players, hit the start button, and the players are off and running.
  • Players and teams can setup prebuilt side games quickly and easily while on the course.
  • The players handicaps are stored and updated as necessary.
  • The scoring and money is calculating in real time.

The club games are just about as easy as can be to setup.  The only thing that could make it easier is the brain tie in where you just think it, and the game, teams, and players are setup for you.  What does this do?  It eliminates

  • The 20-90 minutes afterwards in figuring out the score and the money.  We talk about wanting to have time back in our lives.  If my game was so complicated that it took 90 minutes to get my money, I’d want out quicker as well.
  • The errors.  If you play a handicapped game, 60-70% of your scores are wrong.  Don’t you want that better?

Hack Attack - https://golfeventscores.azurewebsites.net/PublicScores/TeamGameScoreBoard?TournamentId=31483&displaymoney=true

Low Handicap - https://golfeventscores.azurewebsites.net/PublicScores/TeamGameScoreBoard?TournamentId=31485&displaymoney=true

And then there is the charity/fun games.  This is truly a package that any club/course could use. We have this down to a package that you import our spreadsheet that you have filled out, print out the qr code page, and the users download our app.  The user starts our app, points at the qr code, and the teams are keeping score.

  • The tournament director can fill out a spreadsheet of teams and players.  This can be imported into an event.  Boom, the teams and players are created.
  • The players will need to download an app for either the iPhone or android app stores.  With this app, the players can scan a supplied qr code.  The supplied qr code allows a person to start scoring for their team.
  • The only thing the golf pro staff has to do is put the print outs of the qr codes on the golf carts or handed to the players as they check-in.  Scan the qr code, and scoring can start.  That’s it. 
  • This saves somewhere between 60 & 90 minutes after the event for players in seeing the scoreboard and results.  This cuts down on the time for the golf pro staff as well as all of the players.  Time is money. 
  • The results are calculated in real time and follow the USGA guidelines for tie breaking.
  • Pictures and video can be uploaded in real time and are immediately available in the application.

All of these features create a truly memorable experience.  I am very proud of what has been built.  I am working to get our product out to as many charities as possible.  Please contact me so that we can help your charity generate more money from its charity golf events.

Here is a link to the Boys & Girls Club of the Smoky Mountains.  Please check out the pictures and videos that are on the score board.

Boys & Girls Club Smoky Mountains on the River Course at Sevierville Golf Club - https://golfeventscores.azurewebsites.net/PublicScores/SingleScoreMultiplePlayersSummary?TournamentId=31427

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