Startup - Top 10 List (Or So)

I've been told for years that I need to put together a set of videos regarding my Top 10 List of things for a Technologist to do to get a startup into first gear.  I have a talk on this, but I have never actually done the video(s).  Now, I have, and I have put them up on my YouTube.  I'm going to link to them from this blog post.  I hope that I have them in somewhat the right order and that I haven't mucked things up too much in this.

As the videos published, I was adding the links in and I've finally gotten to the end.  Sure, there are more than 10 video snippets, but I wanted to add thoughts as appropriate.  I'd like to thank Matt Reynolds, a friend of mine in England.  He started a set of videos regarding the process of building an MVP for a startup, so that got me thinking of what my late friend told me (Walter Lounsbery RIP)  at lunch 5 years ago, that I needed to do a talk on how to get going in a startup.
PSS. A little about me.  I'm a 26+ year veteran of startups.  I've worked with varying startups off and on for that timeframe.  I also do some angel investing via Sheltowee.  Apply via the link.  I'm a little boy, so don't apply to me.  "Don't Pitch Me Bro."

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