Track Your Fitness & Steps On Your iPhone, Just Like Your Fitbit


I’ve been a Fitbit user for several years. I enjoy using it, reading the material and hoping that if I push myself it will help my level of fitness (probably not). What I don’t like is that:

  • It’s another device that I have to keep track of. Sure, it's on my wrist, but I still have to maintain it.
  • I have to keep it charged. My current daily driver is a Fitbit Charge2 that holds a charge for seven days – that's great, but it still has to be charged. So, I also have to keep track of a charger, which adds to the hassle.

Those two things aside, I've found that the device's usefulness far outweighs the hassles. I've even developed a pedometer app for it, which I'll show in this column.

The app uses the CoreMotion iOS framework, which is used for determining number of steps walked/run.

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