Missing server reference in SharePoint 2010

Unfortunately the "missing server references" health rule in Central Admin Health Monitoring does not display the URL were these uninstalled web parts reside. So to get these pages you'll have to execute some SQL against the mentioned content database. Because this is something that tents to come back regularly on development machines I've created a little SQL script to speed up the process of finding the url's you'll need to delete the web parts.

-- Use the Specify Values for Template Parameters 
-- command (Ctrl-Shift-M) to fill in the parameter 
-- values below.


DECLARE @className nvarchar = ''
DECLARE @assemblyName nvarchar = ''

SELECT DISTINCT pages.DirName + '/' + pages.LeafName + '?contents=1' as Page
	dbo.AllWebParts wp
	JOIN dbo.AllDocs pages on pages.SiteId = wp.tp_SiteId
						AND pages.Id = wp.tp_PageUrlID
	wp.tp_Assembly like '%' + @assemblyName + '%' AND
	wp.tp_Class	 like '%' + @className + '%'




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