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  • Using LinearGradientBrush in C#

    Well during my CSS change over I needed some background images for my headers. I wanted some simple gradient looks, but I only have 2 picture programs installed mspaint and Paint.Net, neither one of those does gradients (at least that I could find). I could download and install some picture program that has gradients but that is too much work and not much fun :)

  • C# Tips and Tricks

    I have been starting to participate more in newsgroups, in particular microsoft.public.dotnet.languages.csharp. I figured I have learned a lot from the .Net community and I should share my knowledge. It truly is amazing how much better you understand things when you have to explain it to others.

  • Why can't you create a Generic Class that inherits from Attribute in C#?

    Today I was creating a set of attributes for a project I'm working on and I attempted to create a generic class that inherits from Attribute and I didn't think anything more about it until I compiled and got the error: "error CS0698: A generic type cannot derive from 'Attribute' because it is an attribute class".