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  • What do you use to analyze your IIS log files?

    Currently I'm using awstats which is a very nice free log analyzer. It has a lot of nice statistics. One stat is the referrers however I would like to see which page that the referrer linked too. It is also nice that you can see the search phrases used to get to your site, but I would also like to know which page is associated with a particular search phrase. As far as I can tell these are not available in awstats.

  • Mounting ISO files as non-admin

    Well a long time ago I posted about using Virtual CDRom Control Panel to create a Virtual CDRom Drive (i.e. mount ISO files). I use this quite often however now that I have switched to being a non-administrator on my system I can't use it anymore. I keep getting the error message "Cannot Open SCM : Access is denied". I tried to figure out how to setup the correct permissions and got as far as attempting to change the Security Descriptor via the sc command, but no luck. Eventually I gave up and looked for another way to mount ISO files.

  • Running as non-admin

    After setting up my new domain recently I decided I would finally try to run as non-admin. Currently I'm a normal user.

  • Re-associating Compressed Folders with .zip files

    Once upon a time I installed WinZip and so the .zip file association got switched to WinZip. I really like selecting files and then right clicking and selecting Send To > Compressed (zipped) Folder in XP/2003. However you cannot do that unless Compressed Folder is the program associated with .zip files. It will usually ask you "Do you want to designate Compressed (zipped) Folders as the application for handling ZIP files?" and I always click yes but it never re-associates. Anyways I found a registry fix on Doug Knox's page Windows XP File Association Fixes. If you import the ZIP Folder Association Fix into the registry it will restore the default .zip file association. Now I can use the Send To > Compressed Folder again. Thanks Doug.

  • Creative Commons License

    Today my advisor pointed me to Creative Commons to create a license for my Thesis work. I never knew about this. You can very easily create licenses for anything by answering a few questions. It gives you an icon (like the one below) to put on your website or text to put into text files (i.e. source code files). I hate trying to figure out licensing stuff so this will make it very easy to license my stuff.

  • Disable Windows 2003 Shutdown Event Tracker

    Posted on Wednesday, February 02, 2005 7:53 AM
    Okay the right name for the “Enter Reason” dialog is - “Shutdown Event Tracker”.

    If you're like me, and use Windows 2003 on your desktop, chances are that you may find that dialog box that pops up after every hardboot or at every restart/shutdown only slightly annoying.

    Here is how to disable that.

    Start->Run type “gpedit.msc” .. hit Enter.

    Go to Local Computer Policy -> Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System ->

    In there find “Display Shutdown Event Tracker”, double click and choose “Disabled”.

    WALLA !! :-)

    And oh yeah, there's tonnes of other stuff there too.
    Thanks Sahil.
    I once knew how to do this but I forgot. So this time I'm posting it on my blog for future reference.

  • Moving XP User Profile

    I just got done setting up my new Windows 2003 server at home. I had another server before which was running as my domain controller. This was causing DNS issues because I stupidly named my local domain the same as my web domain name. I couldn't visit my website using the base domain name because that IP resolved to my local DNS server and when I tried to delete that entry on my DNS server and point it to the correct IP it somehow magically reappears after sometime. At any rate I decided to setup a new Windows 2003 server as my new domain controller for a different domain.

  • FireFox Setup

    I used to use an link to a checklist of things that I used to setup firefox from scratch but that link no longer works so I'm going to create my own checklist for my future benefit and maybe to the benefit of others.