AutoCorrect Common Microsoft Brand Names with this Script and Word

Inspired by this post:

Here is a script to add the common misspellings of Microsoft brands to Word AutoCorrect.

Copy and paste this into a file with a .JS extension and run it from your local computer.  Then launch Word and try typing Powerpoint and notice that it automatically changes to PowerPoint. 


// JScript source code
//Adds Word AutoCorrect entries for common misspellings and capitalizations for Microsoft Brands
//inspired by

var wd = new ActiveXObject("Word.Application");
var AutoCorrections = [[".net", ".NET"], [".Net", ".NET"], ["Clear Type", "ClearType"], ["Kin", "KIN"], ["Powerpoint", "PowerPoint"], ["Power Point", "PowerPoint"],
["Seadragon", "SeaDragon"], ["Xbox Live", "Xbox LIVE"], ["Bizspark", "BizSpark"], ["Sharepoint", "SharePoint"], ["PlayTo", "Play To"],
["Infopath", "InfoPath"], [".net", ".NET"], [".Net", ".NET"], ["AdCenter", "adCenter"],
["Ad Center", "adCenter"], ["Adcenter", "adCenter"], ["", "ADO.NET"], ["ADO.Net", "ADO.NET"],
["", "ASP.NET"], ["ASP.Net", "ASP.NET"],
["Biz Spark", "BizSpark"], ["Bizspark", "BizSpark"],
["Clear Type", "ClearType"], ["Clear type", "ClearType"],
["Cleartype", "ClearType"], ["Directaccess", "DirectAccess"],
["Direct Access", "DirectAccess"], ["Direct Show", "DirectShow"],
["Directshow", "DirectShow"], ["Direct x", "DirectX"],
["Dream Spark", "DreamSpark"], ["Dreamspark", "DreamSpark"],
["Home Group", "HomeGroup"], ["Homegroup", "HomeGroup"],
["HoTMaiL", "Hotmail"], ["Hot Mail", "Hotmail"], ["Hot Mail", "Hotmail"],
["Info Path", "InfoPath"], ["Infopath", "InfoPath"],
["intellisense", "IntelliSense"], ["Intellisense", "IntelliSense"],
["Iron Ruby", "IronRuby"], ["MSN Messenger", "Windows Live Messenger"],
["onenote", "OneNote"], ["Onenote", "OneNote"], ["One Note", "OneNote"],
["XBOX", "Xbox"], ["xbox", "XBox"], ["Xaml", "XAML"],
["Sql Server", "SQL Server"], ["SilverLight", "Silverlight"],
["Share Point", "SharePoint"], ["sharepoint", "SharePoint"]];

for (var i=0;i<AutoCorrections.length;i++)

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