How to use ChatGPT to delete all your Tweets from Twitter (X)

Last month I came to the conclusion (finally accepted it, I already knew) that Twitter was being run by the devil and I should go ahead and remove as much of the content I've posted there over the past 15 years. Twitter doesn't make it easy to delete your content, unless you choose to deactive your account, so I looked for a way to delete tweets via the API using a third party tool.

The tools I found didn't quite fit the bill, most cost money, and had limitations as to how many you could delete in a month, it would have taken me ~9 months to get them all. 

Instead I decided to see if I could get ChatGPT to assist me with creating a C# based console application to leverage the twitter API to delete my content. Ultimately I was successful in doing so, check out my blog post about how to use the tool.

This is the second application I've had ChatGPT assist me with building. It's changing the way people work, and adding new life into this old school web developers bag of tricks. 

How have you used #ChatGPT to make yourself better?

Git Repo for DeleteX tool.

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