Formatting JavaScript Date

Formatting DateTime in C# is dead simple – just call ToString() passing in the format string you desire. Doing the same in JavaScript is annoyingly cumbersome...

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The Other Side of Nuget
NuGet is a very nice addition to the .NET developers’ arsenal. It is a central place for every library and framework in .NET. It has pretty good tooling integrated into Visual Studio and the command line options are pretty sweet too. It can pull down specific libraries including their own dependencies saving the developer a lot of time and effort in figuring them out manually. For the continued growth of the open source .NET community, NuGet is pretty much something that should have happened years ago. Yet there are some things about NuGet you need to be careful about.

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DDD North 2011

One week after DDD Belfast, I was up in Sunderland for the first ever DDD North. The session line-up looked fantastic and it geared up to be a fantastic day.

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DDD Belfast 2011

After repeated attempts to resume blogging, I think I’m pretty much determined to end my hiatus. And I’ll start off with my experience at DDD Belfast....

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ASP.NET MVC Gotcha – String as Model

Ashic looks at a gotcha when returning a view with a string model from a controller in ASP.NET MVC.

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Ninja Coding: Composition over Inheritance–Even when Overriding

Ashic shows a trick that can make overriding more flexible, specially when stubbing for tests.

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ViewBag can be good…honestly

Ashic discusses why some data is best passed in via the ViewBag dynamic as opposed to strongly typed viewmodels.

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Introducing MSMSpec - MSpec with MSTest

I just published MSMSpec - my latest project. It uses T4 to extend your MSpec test classes so that they can be tested by the MSTest runner. And it comes with NuGet awesomeness. Read all about it here:


Introducing SeleniuMspec

Say hello to SeleniuMspec!

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Ninja Coding: Code Comments and Self Explanatory Code
Ashic starts off a new series of articles on software craftsmanship called "Ninja Coding". In this post, he looks at code comments and why he favours self explanatory code over comments, with examples.

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