Now using the IssueTracker starter kit

I've recently taken on the development of the site along with and a few other smaller sites on the side; this has led to a large TODO: list.   I've been keeping track of my TODO's on various medium - primarily in OutlookExpress.  This morning I had a brainwave... why not use the IssueTracker starter kit!

I already had the installer for it so I re-installed it and fired it up.  By the time I arrived at work (on the bus) I had already created 3 projects and had about 20 or so issues assinged to them.  I had also added a few new features, here's my IssueTracker enhancements for the day:

Add a SelectedIndexChanged handler to the Project control on the IssueList page   Issue Tracker   New Features   Darren Neimke   
  Display custom fields in IssueList.   Issue Tracker   New Features   Darren Neimke   
  Set defaults for Project Items   Issue Tracker   New Features   Darren Neimke   
  Show Issues for all Projects   Issue Tracker   New Features   Darren Neimke   

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  • You might want to check out my gotdotnet project which is an issue tracker that is based on the Issue Tracker starter kit.

    Some features that I have implemented include:



    -Detail Change history (what, when who)

    -Improved email notifications (issue assigned to you,issue changed)

    -Web Service to add an issue

    I will be releasing a new version(with the features above) this week. Right now I am just working on a nant build / deployment script.

    I am also looking for people to help me work on it

    if anyone is interested.

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