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Visualizing SQL Joins

 In an effort to remember what it's like to write SQL queries I found this link on visualizing JOINs. I found it very helpful; hope you do too.  

Sorry guys, try this:

Windows 7 IIS 7 unable to receive incoming HTTP traffic

 I was trying to load a test html page from a LAN server that is running Windows 7. I could load the page from the server, but not from machines within the LAN. It took a while to figure out, but it turned ot to be the firewall in Windows 7. Here is what I had to do:

Windows Firewall with Advanced Security ---> Inbound Rules ---> Enable World Wide receive incoming HTTP trafficWeb Services (HTTP Traffic-In)

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Getting a WCF service hosted in IIS 7.0

 This was not as easy as I thought it would be...lots of errors.

These links saved me:;_Windows_2008_-_The_right_way.aspx



Posted: Jun 01 2010, 12:16 PM by gregarobinson | with 8 comment(s)
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Wcf Test Client

 I just discovered this cool little tool this week.

Good article on REST

 I need to get up to speed on REST as one of the vendors we are working with is using REST in their web service architecture. I found a great intro article on REST here.

Ubuntu...I love you, I hate you

 I have been working on seeing if a .NET 3.5 application will port over to Linux, Ubuntu to be specific. I started with version 9.01, then 9.10 and now 10.04 as I find more and more that I need from Mono. I have a dual boot on a dev box, Windows 7 and Ubuntu.

An upgrade from Ubuntu 9.01 to 9.10 caused my mouse and keyboard to lock up. 

I was able to boot from a 9.10 cd. Then, I upgraded to 10.04 as I needed Mono 2,2. Upgrade worked, lost my windows boot though. it seems grub somehow jumped in and messed up the windows boot.

After Googlign liek crazy and trying this and that, these 2 links finally got me my windows boot back:

So, I am now thinking about trying SuSe instead as I hear\read it's more stable. I think a lot of my pains have been related to learning and getting use to Linux.  






Porting .NET 3.5 app to Linux

Started doing research on porting a .NET 3.5 Windows Service application to Linux last week and today.There is a WinForms maintenance\admin tool that needs to be ported too.

Looking at Mono and related friends. Need to come up with a way to support MSMQ and Windows Workflow Foundation. Looks like the support for this in Mono is in alpha and not stable yet. 



Why I love NUnit, NCover, CC Nant and friends

I have used these opensource tools on past projects in different stages, but never all of them at once.

I am on a project now where there is a build server, Subversion, Nant, NUnit with 100% NCover required coverage, CrusieControl, CCTray and Rhino Mockc.

I was extending an Interface and concrete class in a solution I had never worked on before today. Automatic builds were turned off for the day for a special case QA test. I added my new members to the Interface, implemented them in the concrete class, did a local build, tested, all looked good, so I did a Subversion Update then Commit. 

Around 4:30PM the automatic builds were turned back on. Right away the build failed for less than 100% code coverage on my last Commit. Turns out there was a project in the solution I modified that had numerous NUnit tests on the Interface/Concrete class I modified, 3 of which now failed. Now that is cool..of course i was frustrated as i wanted to go home..but..I did a bad thing..I did not run nant on the source prior to my Commit.

Lesson learned, and a great lesson at that!



My latest best friends

WCF, Unity and log4net...they are all awesome tools..and of course, since I have been developing in C# for a while now I need to add it to my list.



VS 2010 and .NET 4.0 Beta 2 go Live

 Read more about it here

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