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Webcast: Brief introduction to Windows Identity Foundation
This is my first webcast on Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) and it will give you brief overview of this technology. I will tell you about how I found WIF, what is claims-based authentication, what tools are available and how you can use WIF in your...
Building mobile web site with ASP.NET MVC and jQuery Mobile
jQuery Mobile is unified UI system that will work on all popular mobile device platforms. Currently alpha version is available to download . In this posting I will show you how to use jQuery Mobile with ASP.NET MVC 3 and how jQuery Mobile pages look on...
Managing business object locks on application level
Today I worked out simple application side object locking solution for one server scenario. My motivation came from ASP.NET architecture forum thread How to solve concurrent site issue where one user asks for locking solution that works without changing...
How to make AJAX-requests to ASP.NET MVC application using jQuery
I decided to write over long time one posting that is directed to beginners who start with jQuery and AJAX . One of the first things to study is how to make requests to server and how to retrieve objects. In this posting I will show you how to use jQuery...
User controls should never make redirects during GET request
Why is my page redirecting me back to front page although it gets all the data it requires? I was going out of my mind when exploring the problem in one system but this time there was really simple answer: you cannot fully trust the code written by n00bs...
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