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ASP.NET MVC: How to implement invitation codes support
Last Christmas I blogged about how to make ASP.NET MVC users authorized only if they have profiles created . This works well on public sites where everybody can be user. Sometimes we don’t want to let all users to our system even when they were correctly...
Bookmarks2LiveWriter: Live Writer plug-in for serious bloggers
Bookmarks2LiveWriter is Windows Live Writer plug-in that is targeted to serious bloggers who also publish bookmarks postings. Bookmarks2LiveWriter lets you download bookmarks for given date range from Delicious and inserts them to current posting. Users...
Links 2009-08-19
JQuery and web development Limit Number of Characters in a TextArea using jQuery Find out which Key was pressed using jQuery jQuery Superfish Menus Plug-in Make website images look like a video with this CSS effect CSS2 – opacity Mobile 55 per cent of...
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