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Free Visual Studio 2012 ebook

Check out this great ebook featuring the best time-saving features in Visual Studio 2012 and ASP.NET 4.5. Written by top engineers at Telerik, it explains several great features like

  • JavaScript Intellisense
  • CSS Intellisense
  • ASP.NET and Web API (overview and CRUD operations)
  • Strongly Typed Data Binding
  • Page Inspector (new debugging tool)
  • And much much more
  • Check it out here

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    Killer website optimization tips before going live!!!

    You've built a great website with all the latest and greatest technologies and now it's time to go live!!! Obviously you want the best performance from your websit.

    Check out these killer website optimization tips before you go live!!! It's a great series of articles with some parts yet to be published. Have this checklist hndy before you deploy any website and get great performance and ROI!!!

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    Software Testing with Visual Studio 2010

    Today I will review the new book "Software Testing with Visual Studio 2010" which is available from Packt publishing here

    This is a great book which explores several testing features in Visual Studio 2010.

    Visual Studio 2010 has software testing tools built in. You can now execute automated tests within the Visual Studio IDE. This book explains the various aspects of software testing which can be done with Visual Studio 2010

    Developers can get familiar with the Visual Studio tools and techniques to create automated unit tests, using automated user interface testing, code analysis, and profiling to find performance bottlenecks and improve the quality of the code.

    There are several tools built into Visual Studio such as Test List Editor, Test View, Test Results, Test Configuration user interfaces, Test Center, and Lab Center to easily manage and maintain multiple test cases, and Test Results in integration with Team Foundation Server.

    It provides an overview of different types of testing which help with testing software applications throughout different phases of software development. Detailed procedures for creating the Test Plan, Test cases, and Test Suite used for manual testing are explained. Manual tests can be created by recording the user action and running the test with data inputs. You can also create automated tests by recording user actions. Unit testing is covered in great detail right from creating the unit test classes and methods upto using different types of assert methods and parameters for testing the code. Passing a data source with a set of data and testing the code is also explained in detail. Web Performance Testing, an integral part of modern mission critical applications is also covered very well. It explains the basic method of web testing using Visual Studio Team System and features such as adding rules and parameterization of dynamic variables. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 ultimately provides many new features for the Web Performance Testing such as adding new APIs to the test results, web performance test results in a separate file, looping and branching, new validation and extraction rules, and many more. The book also covers many other important topics such as Advanced Web Testing, Load Testing, Ordered and Generic Tests, Test Reports, MSTest – the command line testing tool, Test and Lab Center, etc.

    As you can see this book is an invaluable resource for anybody testing Visual Studio 2010 applications.


    Let Armadillo chase away your csharp bugs!!!

    Let Armadillo chase away your csharp bugs.

    Armadillo works within Visual Studio and alerts you to bugs when you change your csharp code. 

    Download the beta now!!!

    Learn ASP.NET MVC3 free!!!

    Dive deep into ASP.NET MVC3 in this free course brought to you by Pluralsight and Microsoft. Learn about the new Razor view engine, unobtrusive AJAX , Nuget package management and more. Hurry, it's free only for a limited time!!!


    Win 2 years free web hosting for your site!!!

    EggHeadCafe is giving away a free 2 year Personal Class Account to Arvixe ASP.NET Web Hosting! In fact, all members who enter the drawing below win a 20% discount off a Personal Class Account.

    The nice thing about Arvixe is that they also accept Google checkout and Paypal.


    Use VS2010 to deploy your SQL Database

    Did you know? You can use VS2010 to deploy your SQL databases.

    To access the deployment tool in Visual Studio 2010 you must first navigate to the project's properties window and find the Package/Publish SQL tab, located just below the Package/Publish Web tab. Here you will find most everything you'll need for deploying SQL databases.


    Virtual FREE online mvc conference

    Learn how to write awesome applications  on top of the ASP.Net MVC framework in a FREE virtual conference on Feb 8

     It's a community event and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the jQuery project. All sessions will be recorded and made available free online.

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    Visual Studio 2010 launched!!!

    Yesterday Microsoft launched Visual Studio at the Visual Studio Expo in Las Vegas. Visual Studio 2010 has several great productivity enhancements for developers.

    Watch the keynote and see how Visual Studio 2010 help developers "stay in the zone"!!!

    Then dive into all the cool new features yourself with the free Visual Studio 2010 Training kit.

    Happy programming!!!


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