Objects are 'done'

That's a Don Box's sentence, from PDC03, when asking to himself if objects were dead. He said that they were not dead, they were done, in the sense that we should stop thinking as objects as the technology that will take us to the next step.

Workflow is a wonderful thing. I guess it won't be easy for us .NET developers to realize that we need to change the way we build applications, but the ones who do will be in much better shape than the ones who don't.

Now, with a workflow and a business rules engine in the platform (WWF has both), it looks much clear than making your objects contain just data that flows between services and workflows has an interesting number of advantages over building a domain model.

Let's see if domain model heads realize it.



  • You know this because of application you have built that use the model you advocate.... or because it's what all the cool kids are talking about today?

  • Yep, it will be fun to see.


    I am building workflow centric and business rules rich applications with domain models. I'm certainly looking forward to play with WWF, but I'm not yet convinced I will forget about domain models. My current guess is that my domain models just might become slightly cleaner if I find that I can adopt WWF in the first version since some more infrastructure code can be taken out from the domain model itself.

    But this is just an un-educated guess, we'll see...

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  • It'll be interesting to see how this impacts BizTalk...it almost seems like Microsoft is killing BizTalk altogether with the more powerful features of SSIS and Service Broker.

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