• Thank-you for the post. I would be interested in seeing the graph for 'Team B' who leveraged unit testing. Does the cost of fixing defects also rise but not as steeply, remain constant, or a combination of both?

  • One thing I've found to be true: unit tests become harder to add the longer you wait. You often discover you have to modify some code that already seems to work to make it easy/possible to unit test it. Paradoxically, you may end up breaking code by adding the unit test.

  • It was an interesting post, thank you. you really emphesized the "taking prid" issue. why do you feel this is such an important aspect?

  • Hi Lior Friedman,
    I emphasize on "Taking Pride" because I believe that’s the driving force for a developer keep up the good work constantly. By mentioning about “Taking pride” – I tried to refer to a concept known as - “self-rewarding”.
    At the end of the day, when a developer thinks inside his mind  - “Well I did a great job” , that instantly brings the encouragement to repeat the same success story in the next day morning when he/she start writing code a IDE.:) And opposite of this situation don't bring a good result.
    Thanks for visiting the blog.

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