Developers, Inheritance and Skills

Julian Bucknall (DevExpress) has written a great post on interface versus implementation inheritance, that also touches on developer skills.

For me, having developers produce loosely coupled objects that have a single responsibility and which support change over time, has been problematic on almost every project and team I have managed.

That all developers are highly capable and motivated - is an illusion.  The reality is that it's really hard to find competent .NET developers who can write more than procedural code (within the guise of an object oriented language).  That perhaps simply reflects that so many .NET projects are simple RAD applications that really are just a window onto data - no complex domain at all.


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  • I think your point is so valid; it is not even funny...

    Lucky, with the emergence of Agile and specifically TDD, developers are now again forced to learn proper Object-Orientation implementation skills. This is due to the necessity for structuring your code in a loosely coupled way to enable testing.

    It just strikes me as ridiculous, that after more than a decade of having Object-Orientation around that people still do not have any idea of how to analyze or design OO software. Moreover, when you gather some Cyclomatic complexity metrics from their code, that you get figures like 80+. That is scary…

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