Powerset gets bought by Microsoft for $100M+

Powerset gets bought by Microsoft for $100M+.

 So - this was a soft rumor a couple months ago here in Silly Valley - and it appears it is now official - Powerset, a natural language search company, was bought by Microsoft today for $100M+.

I'd like to congratulate Barney Pell, his investors, and his team at Powerset on a successful exit - I know that earlier this year, I remember seeing them sweating to get their first product shipped - which they did do, for wikipedia.

If you haven't used Powerset - give it a shot - I think it's a fantastic tool, although I am biased given that I both know the founders and understand the technology behind it.

I think this is a great validation that natural language search is getting it's day, which is great news for Speak With Me, Inc. too!

Speaking of Speak With Me, I have a lot of awesome news to share about that - news that I'm not allowed to blog about for the time being.  Good things come to those who wait!

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