Google Chrome: Will It be a Killer

So Google jumped into one more field( web browsing) to take on Microsoft, cool; But will it be able to become the next killer browser, provided MS is putting a great efforts to improve IE(with IE 8 beta2 released) and Firefox capturing the market quickly, hmm only time will tell :D

Personally, I liked the look and feel of Chrome, as it is with Google search its very simple still feature rich. Moving the tabs on top of the window is a great move, I never thought about that while using IE/FF, but it looks so nice.

Another great feature of Chrome is its Task Manager, now I can see which page/tab(even plug-in) is eating up my memory and take an appropriate decision.


So what reasons can make Chrome a killer -

1. Brand Value - Its Google's product after all, everyone will give it a try as Google is known for providing killer applications.

2. As said here, if Chrome works really great when working with "Applications" (dynamic and interactive content)

3. Chrome can provide a lot of great features when it gets in sync with other Google applications, most worthy is Google search of course.

Reasons it may not be a killer -

1. IE and FF are there in market for years and have really matured, so people will not move to a new browser so easily.

2. It will take years for Chrome to have similar number of add-on's available for IE and FF.

3. As mentioned here, Chrome is not that great when it comes to taking up the CPU time.

4. IE and FF provides a hell lot of options for customizing the browser which are really useful in many scenarios(feedback from my fellow QA friend), it will take quite some time for Chrome to provide that many options.

5. IE/FF have spent years and huge money to remove security vulnerabilities from there browsers, I am not sure how secure Chrome will be.

6. It will take time for Chrome to become stable. (e.g. I am not able to scroll up using mouse wheel, what the hell)

I did a small test to see whether Chrome will make any difference while using You Tube,



So it comes out that it doesn't make any difference :)

In the end, I would like to mention the disclaimer used by Joe Stagner for this post - :) :)


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