Silverlight Grid Layout is pain

 I think one of the biggest mistake of Silverlight and WPF is its Grid layout.

Imagine you have a data form with 2 columns and 5 rows. You need to place new row after the first one. As a result you need to rewrite Grid.Rows and Grid.Columns in all rows belows.

But the worst thing of such approach is that it is static. So you need predefine all your rows and columns. As a result creating of simple dynamic datagrid or dataform become impossible...

So the question if why best practices of HTML and Adobe Flex were dropped????

If anybody have tried to port Flex Grid layout to silverlight please mail me or drop a comment.


  • I would have liked a grid/table control that would let me put the child control into rows and columns the way you do it with an html table/tr/td. The disconnect between the order of things in the xaml and the actual position in the rows an columns can get very confusing.

    Blend helps deal with things in cells and rows but even with Blend I find myself hand editing the xaml.

  • Yep Andrew. That is what i'm talking about. Currently I'm trying find a way to implement it, but it seems to me that it won't be an easy task =\

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