Request.Browser.Version is returning 7 when browsing with IE8


I noticed that some developers are getting the value 7 from Request.Browser.Version property when testing the page with IE8.

If you are one from those guys, then you are viewing the page in the IE8 “compatibility mode”.By using that mode, you are telling IE8 to behave as IE7.


Anas Ghanem

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  • Unfortunatly, no I am not. Fresh browser window. Page with nothing more than a single literal control and a test for browser version. The browser comes up in IE7 mode. Go to a different site and it comes up as IE9. This seems to be specific to the way this site and my browser react.

    If there is a setting in the browser (options) that I am missing that would be nice.

    I have found that placing the META tag of into the header of a page will force it to run the browser as IE9, however the site still detects any browser (not just mine) as IE7..

    IT seems to be a value/setting in iis that is causing this..

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