SharePoint 2010 Power User Resources

As part of my job in Puzzlepart I regularly engage with super users and power users who work for our customers. I also give training classes with our partner company Glasspaper.

These users are often not developers but still they are able to configure and update a SharePoint solution. Some of the more tech savvy may even use SharePoint Designer to do customizations or create work flows.

In this blog post I have collected resources that I often reference in these sessions.

Some good books on SharePoint

Planning and Customization

SharePoint Design

An engaging user experience, a compelling design and good document templates can make a SharePoint solution go from good to great. We have the benefit of having a very talented and skilled art director on the team who also knows SharePoint and skilled developers who know how to implement this efficiently.

It is also possible to cheat a bit on this as a power user and do some simple modifications yourself. Hare are some resources to get you started:

SharePoint Search

Info Worker VM


Some really good resources missing? A link that should be replaced? Please comment below and I will try to keep this list fresh!

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