Add Blackberry support to Forms Server 2007 or Sharepoint 2007

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 A few months ago I was the architect for a project involving Microsoft Forms Server 2007 and we needed to support viewing Infopath forms on mobile devices, specifically Blackberry devices.

The Microsoft Forms Server 2007 is a striped down Sharepoint 2007 server so all Infopath forms web rendering for mobile devices is done through the ASP.NET mobile controls support.

Unfortunately, Blackberry devices aren't recognized so Infopath forms are render as standard web forms, wich aren't supported by Blackberry devices. Luckily for us, adding support for additional devices is not difficult and can be done by adding some information to a "compat.browser" file found in the "App_Browsers" folder inside the Sharepoint virtual directory. In this file you need to add the following:

<!-- BlackBerry RIM Browser -->
    <browser id="RIM40" parentID="Default">
            <userAgent match="BlackBerry" />
      <capability name="isMobileDevice" value="true" />
      <capability name="javascript" value="true" />
      <capability name="ecmascriptversion" value="1.3" />
      <capability name="version" value="${version}" />
      <capability name="majorVersion" value="${major}" />
      <capability name="minorVersion" value="${minor}" />
      <capability name="supportsCss" value="true" />
      <capability name="frames" value="false" />
      <capability name="cookies" value="true" />
      <capability name="isColor" value="true" />
      <capability name="requiresLeadingPageBreak" value="true" />
      <capability name="requiresUniqueFilePathSuffix" value="true" />
      <capability name="supportsBold" value="true" />
      <capability name="supportsFontSize" value="true" />
      <capability name="supportsImageSubmit" value="true" />
      <capability name="supportsItalic" value="true" />
      <capability name="requires303Redirect" value="true" />

With that your Blackberry browsers will be recognized as mobile devices and our Infopath Forms Server will be able to render the proper content.

Hope you find this useful, seeU!

Andrés G Vettori
Systems Architect

Leader of the C# Community of the Microsoft Users Group Argentina

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    Hi Andrés, I need to create an application that shoud run the mobile having GPRS or internet connectivity. In the application i have certain form having the columns with the browse button functionality. The procedure i am following is creating the sharepoint list with some columns A, B, C etc. Now opening that list in the sharepoint designer and creating a new aspx form and dragging the file upload component of the .net on the page. Am i doing okay, you please guide me some alternate way, this is very important. Thanks

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