VM Prep Tool for Visual Studio Team Lab Management 2010

Microsoft has released the first version of the Virtual Machine Preparation Tool for Visual Studio Team Lab management 2010. What a mouthfull! Try saying that three times in a row..

Well, the tool function is to prepare existing VMs to be compatible with VS 2010 Lab Management requirements, and believe me, there are a few. Configuring an existing VM by hand is a tedious and VERY error prone task, and so this tool was born.

Download it from http://vslabmgmt.codeplex.com/, this version is prepared to work with VSTS 2010 Beta 2 and Windows Server 2008 X86 SP2 VMs. They will be adding more options as soon they finish testing of different versions (and flavors) of Windows. Perhaps R2 is on the pipeline?

Best regards,

Andres G Vettori, VMBC, CTO


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  • Hello Andres,
    I am the Program Manager for the VM Prep Tool. Thanks for publicizing it on your blog. We will like to get your feedback if you have had a chance to try out the tool.


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