Fixing Setup Errors Installing Silverlight Tools Beta 2

What's the problem?

There are two predominate issues that are preventing a successful installation of Silverlight Tools Beta 2.

  1. Silverlight_chainer.exe fails attempting to uninstall KB949325
  2. Mismatched binaries when both Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Beta  and Silverlight Tools Beta 2 are installed.

These two problems account for the vast majority of installation problems developers are running into.

What's the solution?

To help address these two specific problems I've created a .vbs script that attempts to detects and repairs both of these issues.

Download "" attached to this post.

Unzip "Silverlight_Tools_Fixup.vbs" from

Run the following:

  1. Silverlight_Tools_Fixup.vbs
  2. Silverlight_chainer.exe

So what happened?

When run Silverlight_Tools_Fixup.vbs will:

  1. Detect and uninstall KB949325
  2. Detect all advertised features in VS and repair them. (Advertised features result in mismatched binaries.)

    *Vista non-admin scenarios will require running the script from command prompt that was started using "Run as administrator".
    *You may also be prompted for original media when uninstalling KB949325.

Getting Help?

Be sure to check out the Silverlight 2 Beta 2 readme for known issues.

You can also get additional help from the "Installation and Setup" forum here:


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