Behave properly on your posts

Note: this entry has moved.

It's rewarding to see other bloggers using the same approach I've been using for quite a while for collapsing code regions that maybe be of interest of those who want a closer look at what you've done, but not to all readers, specially on the aggregated site.
If we could just get everyone else using the same, the main page would be much more pleasant. If you want to join this crusade, start using the following for your collapsible HTML regions: <div> <span style="font-weight: bold; color: white; background-color: blue; cursor: pointer" onclick="var div=document.getElementById('YourCodeListingDivId');if('none'){'block';this.innerHTML='&nbsp;-&nbsp;';}else{'none';this.innerHTML='+';}">+</span> <!-- Some text next to the +|- "link" explaining what's on the hidden region --> Expand for some cool code. <div id="YourCodeListingDivId" style="display:none"> ...your code... </div> </div>


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