DoneDone Monotouch iPhone App Screencast

A little background for the iPhone application...

DoneDone is a web app that manages issue tracking for projects. It's currently our choice bug tracking solution at work. Until a few months ago, the API they expose only allowed for the ability to add a new issue to a project. I went with this a decided to try and implement an app using the newly released Monotouch which allowed you to create a an issue on the iPhone device. In case you didn't know, Monotouch is a way of coding for the iPhone using C# instead of Objective-C*. Since I have experience in developing with C#, coding the app is pretty straight forward, unfortunately the complexities come in working out how to do things with the iPhone SDK (such as hiding a keyboard or displaying a label/text field cell). With this, I managed to create a rather simple DoneDone issue creator app. It's still in early stages and there's still a lot of debugging work to be done before I can get it up on the iPhone store but it's a good idea on how it's working at the moment. Any feedback would be great. Here's a screencast on the video;



If you want to keep up with what's happening with Monotouch - I've created a twitter list of people who are normally writing or doing screencasts on the subject.

* I would still recommend learning the basics of Objective-C since pretty much all samples online are in Objective-C and the official iPhone docs are in Objective-C too.   This website is a great Objective-C primer Cocoa Dev Central.


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