First Episode of the Xamarin Podcast

I'm happy to share with everyone the first episode of the unofficial Xamarin Podcast, a podcast that discusses all things Xamarin and mobile development related, including news, events and interesting projects and apps in the mobile and Xamarin developer space. Listen to the podcast with myself and Pierce Boggan below using the embedded SoundCloud file below, feel free to leave comments in-line on the audio and share with your friends. You can find the links mentioned in the show below:

Update: Subscribe to the podcast with your favourite podcast aggregator here:, iTunes link is here:!

Links from this episode:

ChrisNTR on Twitter
Pierce on Twitter
XamarinHQ on Twitter
Apple Developer Portal Hacked
200 Devices on Apple Dev Centre
Android 4.3 Official Jelly Bean Release
Xamarin.Android Google Play Services Component
ChromeCast for Xamarin.iOS
LineDiet App
Azure Service Bus Notification Hub for Xamarin.iOS
Parse Developer Day
Movement to Xamarin and mobile development
Movement to Xamarin and mobile development (Spanish)
Transitioning to Xamarin from Objective-C
Webinar - C# Async on iOS and Android
NYC Mobile .NET Developers Group

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  • As of 8/22/2013, the Apple Dev support team confirmed that "At this time our DUNS check system is currently offline and are working to restore this tool."

    This means that no one can enroll in the App Dev program as a Company with a DUNS number.

    So, *most* of the dev systems are in place, but not all.

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