MPx200 Unlock

Someone posted about unlocking MPx200's the other day, and a lawsuit in NY against AT&T and other cell providers. I can't seem the find the entry as I probably deleted it already and it's no in the aggregate feed, or the search engine, but I'm in the boat that I need to unlock my phone. I got my phone on Sunday October 26th, and instantly loved it. It's great, AT&T on the other hand has not. This past weekend I got rid of AT&T and switched my phone number to T-Mobile.

T-Mobile has so far had great customer service, AT&T on the other hand always had horrible service and long wait times. My cell number is switched over to T-Mobile and until I can get my phone unlocked I'm using the free Nokia 3595 that I got from T-Mobile with a year contract.

All of the unlock providers for MPx200's seem to have disappeared in the past few days, which I guess is just bad timing for me! I'm thinking I may end up calling AT&T and trying to sit on hold with them for hours to talk them into giving me the unlock code.

If anyone out there knows anything about unlocking MPx200s give me a shout, I love the phone, and hate having to carry it around just for a phone book until it gets back up and running ;)

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