DNN 9.0.1 Released

Depending on what the "source" is, it appears that DNN 9.0.1 was released either 11 days ago, or 3 days ago.

So which is it, 11 or 3? Who cares, let's just go over some of the basics of what the release covers.

First off, there are a number of security updates in this release, primarily around API security.

Security Updates:

  • 2017-01 (Medium) Antiforgery checks on Web APIs can be ignored in certain situations
  • 2017-02 (Low) Authorization can be bypassed for few Web APIs
  • 2017-03 (Low) Socially engineered link can trick users into some unwanted actions
  • 2017-04 (Low) Unauthorized file-copies can cause disk space issues

If addition to the security updates, there were also updates to some of the new UI functionality in DNN9, unfortunately it doesn't look like they've really addressed many of my issues from the initial DNN9 release, but at least they are doing something.

Release Notes:

  • The Platform Persona Bar menu items are now curated icons, enhancing the design aesthetic and localization capabilities of the new admin persona bar experience
  • Removed legacy scheduled tasks
  • Added soft-delete for Users. Users can now be soft-deleted and sent to the recycle bin for full delete
  • Added a global site selector and language selector for the host user
  • Performance increase and more efficient database usage in Users and Roles
  • UI enhancements and cleanup
  • Significant Platform bug fixes

For those of you going, "What, I didn't know DNN was still a thing?" Yeah, welcome to 2003, DNN is still alive and kicking, not going away anytime soon, you might want to check it out again.


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