New DotNetNuke (DNN) Release V09.06.00

imageThe DNN project keeps chugging along and the open source community has put together a new release 9.6.0 that came out on April 29th, 2020.

Version 9.6.0 contains primarily bug fixes, with the potential for some breaking changes (read below) and a few enhancements to things that just make sense and a couple of new features.

I have a hunch, but no official word, that this release also contains some needed security fixes, so you might want to look at upgrading sooner rather than later, and keeping an eye out for any DNN related security bulletins.

Breaking Changes:

If you have any custom modules that you developed, or perhaps purchased from a third party, that rely on the Telerik controls that used to ship with DNN, you’ll want to be sure to give this upgrade a whirl in a test environment before you perform it in production. There are some changes to remove the bindings for Telerik as those controls have been deprecated for quite some time. Two weeks ago I threw together a (longer than expected) video on how I went through and upgraded my development environment to a release candidate version of DNN and show you how I tested some of my open source modules against the RC to ensure that I didn’t need to make additional changes to the modules before the 9.6.0 release.

You can view that video here:

The release contains 49 Pull Requests from 19 different contributors to the open source project. You can find the full list of those on the 9.6.0 release page on GitHub.

Some of the bug fix highlights include:

  • Fixes to the site settings page width
  • Fix where site settings would sometimes load the wrong site
  • Fix for multiple instances of an MVC module on a page not working

Some New Features include:

  • Simple web farm caching provider for cloud added
  • UI for managing site groups
  • Export Portal functionality revived!

Some of the Enhancements include:

  • Core messaging performance improvements
  • Fixes for pages with longer names and the Pages menu

Next Steps:

Before you do anything back up your site, the files, and the database. You should be doing that pretty regularly anyways but definitely before you do an upgrade.

Upgrade your site! But how? Be sure to read our guide on Upgrading DNN and watch our latest upgrade video to see it in action.

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