DotNetNuke 6 Released, big thangs

Big thangs baby, today is a big day in the world of .NET. DotNetNuke 6 has been released. I won’t go into all of the details, Joe Brinkman has done that with a blog post over on, but I will cover some of the highlights.

First though, a little Too Short – Big Thangs (lyrics NSFW, and may be offensive, it is rap, get over it)

So what is new in DotNetNuke 6?

We’re talking a Major UI overhaul, the interface for adding pages, managing pages, editing content, adding modules, has all been overhauled in this release.

C# baby, that’s right, DotNetNuke 6 is released completely in C#. No more VB.Net for the core. That doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to develop your custom extensions in VB, you can! If you’re looking to do custom development check out my custom Visual Studio templates

Integrated Extension purchasing from the Store, now, within DotNetNuke you can search and download/install modules! Your very own application/extension store built into your website.

SharePoint support, with DotNetNuke Enterprise we now have support for integration with SharePoint, allowing you to continue to use SP to manage your documents, and DotNetNuke to expose them to the web.

Those are just a few of the items, there are a ton of other features! Head on over to Joe’s blog for more details on DotNetNuke 6.

As with all upgrades, you should be sure to back up your existing site and database just in case. I would recommend doing the upgrade in a test environment first just to make sure! Check out the DotNetNuke Wiki for upgrade steps.


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