DotNetNuke Version 06.01.02 Released

Earlier this week DotNetNuke version 06.01.02 was released on (5.6.5 was also released if you are still on DNN5). If you haven’t taken the time to upgrade your website yet, I would encourage you to do so, all of my websites are currently running 6.1.2.

You can typically upgrade to the latest release of DotNetNuke without having to perform upgrades to all previous versions, so for example, if you are on DotNetNuke 5.6.0, you can upgrade directly to 6.1.2, without having to go through each individual upgrade for releases in between.

I always recommend you test upgrades before performing them in production, that being said, I upgraded all of my sites this evening without any trouble, in production Open-mouthed smile

Upgrading DotNetNuke doesn’t have to be hard! The steps are actually very easy, here’s what I do (for more detailed instructions see the Wiki). Some of these steps have videos included as well. (upgrade video from 5.5.0 to 5.5.1, the same steps apply to a 6.1.* upgrade)

  1. Extract the Contents of the ZIP file (unblock on the properties screen first if necessary)
  2. Backup your website’s file system (I just make a copy of the website’s folder)
  3. Backup your database
  4. Place an app_offline.htm file in the root of your website folder to disable the site (video)
  5. Copy the contents of the extracted UPGRADE ZIP file over your existing website.
  6. Remove the app_offline.htm file from the root of your website folder
  7. Access your website in a browser, if you call http://mywebsite/install/install.aspx the upgrade will fire off automatically.

It is that easy. I just performed an upgrade on 8 different DotNetNuke installations (powering over 25 websites) and the upgrades all ran flawlessly.

There are a large number of bug fixes for the release, some of them can be found in Will’s blog post over on

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