Finding a DotNetNuke Host

A few months ago I made a blog post about good DotNetNuke Hosting providers, I would like to continue that thought with an update.

I've worked with a few more DNN hosts since that post, from my experience these have been some of the best hosts for DotNetNuke in the industry. If you're looking for a DotNetNuke hosting solution check out some of the following links. provides quite a few options for DNN based hosting.

On a more expensive solution provides great dedicated server hosting. is also going to be attending OpenForce08 in Las Vegas in November, be sure to stop by there booth, I know I will.

I highly recommend supporting hosting providers who are active and fruitful within the DNN community. If you have any questions about a particular DNN hosting provider, please feel free to ask me, I will give you my honest opinion about any of the hosts that I know of. Please ask before you sign up with a host I haven't mentioned in one of my blog posts, there are definitely vendors out there to avoid.


I proudly support the DotNetNuke Project! DotNetNuke is an open-source application maintained by the DotNetNuke Corporation (, the corporation is tasked with protecting and maintaining and continuing growth of the project. Check it out at


  • The pointclick web site only mentions .Net 2 and we have used some .Net 3.5 functionality for data access (LINQ). Do you know who does host DNN with .Net 3.5 support?


  • Chris, I used a few years ago. This was prior to DNN 4.5 (?) performance improvements and Intermedia limited me on application pool memory (real & virtual) which resulted in constant worker process restarts, etc. and horrible performance. They pointed me towards their terms and conditions, which had buried in it a statement about memory usage on shared servers.

    So, my advice to anyone looking at hosting providers is to MAKE SURE you have an understanding of memory requirements and quotas. Most hosting providers open tout their storage and bandwidth offerings, but very few talk about RAM!

    I know have a private company who does my hosting, and I have a dedicated VM.

    However, if I were to go back to a hosted solution, I'd look at

  • In answer to Ken's question provides .net 3.5.
    John makes a very good point about selecting shared hosting, RAM is the most important consideration because DotNetNuke depends heavily on RAM for internal DNN performance caching and your application pool. We have doubled performace levels for many sites by simply tweaking the app pool and setting dnn cache to memory rather than disk. We guarantee our server performance levels and have no obscure memory limitations so you don't need to worry about quotas, memory configuration or any other hosting issues that would affect your site. Try us out
    1 Month Free ASP Hosting with no credit card required.

  • Thanks for the excellent web hosting posts!

    Dotnetnuke is easier for the new web developer to start!

    Thanks again!

  • Hi,

    Currently I host my dotnetnuke website with ASPHostPortal ( They support the latest dotnetnuke 5.2 and their dnn support staff is excellent. My dotnetnuke website is running smoothly until now.

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