Good DotNetNuke Hosting Providers

I'm looking to start a list of GOOD hosting providers for the DotNetNuke Platform.

First, here is a list of basic things to look for in DotNetNuke Hosting providers.

  1. Windows Operating System Support, preferably Windows 2003 or 2008
  2. Microsoft SQL Server Database support, preferably SQL 2000 or 2005 or 2008
  3. .Net Framework support, at least 2.0 if you want to run DNN 4 or greater, preferably 3.5sp1 support
  4. Remote Desktop Access (this allows for easier installation and management, but is not absolutely required)

To assist anyone looking to get up and running on DotNetNuke, or to move away from other hosting providers to good DotNetNuke Hosts we'll compile a list below. If you have a provider that you use and are happy with please post a comment here, I will add to this list over time.

I'll start the list off, but would like input from other community members. The first two offer the minimal support with the basic packages for DNN, though they have more expensive packages that will get you RDP access. based on feedback this one is not recommended at this time





  • I have used WebSecurestores for myself and a number of clients. I have been very happy with the speed and service. I have nver needed RDP access but I do often need SQL access and they allow SQL Server Management Studio access as well as the normal access through the control panel.

  • I would stay away from the godaddy shared hosting plan.  They do not let you by default install DNN in the root folder and do not enable "Full Trust" on the server so certain modules that require that level of code access will not work. If you get the virtual server plan then that's a different story.  
    I currently use IHostASP.Net and I have to say they have been great so far.  Their hosting service is specifically geared towards DotNetNuke.  I can get a DNN site up and running very quickly with no issues.  The only gripe I have with them was that they release the DNN application from memory very quickly.  This means that if the site is not accessed in a while it has to recompile when the next user tries to access it.  I fixed this by purchasing the "Open - KeepAlive " module which can be purchased by going to:
    It works wonderfully and can be used with any hosting provider.  My DNN site never has to recompile now.

  • I use Great support and lots of extras.

  • I would love to recommend ( to host your DNN site and this is simply because:

    1. They always optimize their server and your site will run faster

    2. They do have knowledgeable staffs, who can aid you in upgrading your DNN, in case you need help

    3. They always provide the latest DNN installation and they always keep up-to-date with whatever that is available on the market.

    4. They do provide 1-Click installation of DNN from their control panel.

    So far, I have 5 DNN sites with them and they all looks good and the loading speed is excellent!

  • I've been hosting DotNetNuke for many years. We are a small firm and choose our clients very carefully. I'm not sure we're ready to accommodate tons of developers or programmers, but Intel believes we are... Download our Case Studies here...

  • I have some experience with Webhost4life, but find it soooo slooooooow. Would websecurestores be any better?

    any ideas?

  • hi there,

    there is no perfect hosting company in this world. It may good for one customer, but it may be bad for the other. It all depends on the application that you are running because if you are looking for a 99 cents/month hosting package, please do not expect a good uptime!

    If you have a budget, you better pay slightly higher to get a quality and decent service. Webhost4Life is indeed, a very good company, but sometimes, some customers will not like to place their websites there. DiscountASP.NET is also another good example of an excellent hosting company, but some customers do not want it because it is a little bit pricey ($10.month at least).

    Guess what, you may see some + and - news about these companies and the question is, who can you trust? is also an excellent hosting company, which can provide DotNetNuke service at a decent price ($4.99/month.

    After all, please just do NOW see blindly the other customers' negative feedback as it can actually comes from its competitors as well :)

    Bravo, hosting world!!!

  • I use reseller choice

    Any one else using them, there support was much better after used a few of the hosts listed here.

  • I think this web hosting company - should be add to the list of DNN hosting providers.

    Their support team are experienced and solid to troubleshoot clients problems on DotNetNuke.

    The latest DotNetNuke 5.0 hosting are available with them too.

  • Good Post mate,

    can oyu explain me how to host a dnn website myself. I have my own server. But I need to know the steps to host the site. Please give information on the same. I do not want to use any hosting providers because I myself wanna host. I need to learn.

    Thanks for the post once again. Awaiting reply,


  • hi there,

    I am sticking my decision with and up until today, everything seems to run smoothly. Their control panel has a lot of features that you can do and the support service is excellent + their dotnetnuke package is very affordable.

    Hope this helps

  • I wanted to put in my vote to recommend I have used since 2004 and have never had an issue with my dotnetnuke site. I first began using dotnetnuke with version 1 and websecurestores was my first dotnetnuke host back then. I just joined yesterday for a dotnetnuke beginner plan for my 3rd site hosted with them.

  • I used websecure stores to host my (admittedly primitive) DNN site for about a year, and cost was not the basis for choosing them. But the loading speeds were so slow, the site was crashing constantly, and their help desk continued to tell me everything was my fault without offering any constructive suggestions. I switched to another company in the UK--nameless for now--and after they did a really quick diagnosis of the site they found a few structural problems I knew nothing about. They fixed these problems and everything has run excellently since then--except just recently they informed they will no longer automatically back up the site, and they do not answer messages about how to arrange this. So I need to find another host. I will use guidance from this forum but only as one source of info. Definitely, it won't be websecure stores again.

  • Good Post!

    I recommend you can check


    They're great Dotnetnuke Web Hosting Provider!


  • I have 25 sites in a reseller package on I've constantly complained about the load speeds of SOME of the sites even though we are using keepalive.aspx on all of them. I get faster load speeds on and but at least on crystaltech, you'll pay for it. I don't have a lot of experience on to recommend it but the two sites I do have there are humming along and never seem to have issues.

    I really like for the price but can't seem to get past the issue of load times and get a lot of lip service from the service reps. If I could find a faster host for the price, I'd move this second!

  • A few choices we recommend and have had success:

    1. PointClick.Net (great customer service/DNN focus)
    2. PowerDNN.Com (great customer service/DNN focus)

  • I use DotNetPark ( and am very happy. There control panel is based on DNN and so they are aware of the product and can help.

    Not the fastest, but then I have their budget plan -- so you get what you pay for.

    I also like the full access to database -- handy!


  • I think one of the best over looked hosting companies on the market today is 3Essentials.  Well known DotNetNuke Developers such as Mitch Sellers use 3Essentials for their DNN hosting.  The unique thing I have found regarding 3Essentials is that they support Full Trust, Root Intalls, Free installs of the latest version of DNN and even optimized virtual servers just for DNN installs.

    Review their DotNetNuke Hosting Plans Here:

  • Efficion has recently started providing high-quality DotNetNuke hosting. We've been hosting for years now but it was previously only available to our development customers.

    Learn more at:

  • Unlike many of you, I am not a particularly technical person. While I am a huge DNN fan, I do not have the skills (or time) to work through the technical issues that are required to make DNN work.

    For example, installing DNN without an automated script installer is risky because if something goes wrong I have no where to turn for help.

    So I am interesting in who are the low cost hosting providers who offer the level of automation and technical support that can make DNN accessible to me.

    I run 10-20 non-profit sites so some of the more expensive DNN focused provides are too expensive.




  • Yeah, now there're more than 600,000 websites are using DotNetNuke cms application,

    But if you'd like to use DotNetNuke to design websites, the web hosting server performance will be very important, some Dotnetnuke websites owner may find their websites are always loading slowly, since the DotNetNuke needs better server enviroment than other applications:)

  • We have a Reseller 50 hosting plan with We create sites for local church groups, soccer teams, and clubs so having sites hosted on low budget is very important because my clients typically do not have much money to spend on their site or hosting. This costs me about $0.72 per DNN installation, pretty darn good considering all you get. They provide us with everything we need in terms of getting our DNN sites installed, working, and support.

    Overall service has been good. Few times I had to call them when I installed bad skin and started getting “object reference not set to an instance of an object”, they were able to restore my site from backup and I was back in business few hours later. The support person I talked to seem to be very knowledgeable in DNN which is surprising considering other budget hosts I have used don’t even answer the phone or route you to some call center filled with mindless drones.

    If you are looking for a budget DNN hosting definitely checkout

  • With my experience, the webhost4life web hosting is a reliable service for dotnetnuke, those guys are friendly and professional in DNN knowledge, very good for new starters. You can click here to visit

    Good luck

  • I use websecurestores for my DNN ssite and has always worked ok.

  • Hello,

    I recently host my DNN website with I really like their service and support. They already support the latest DNN 5.2 and when I asked their support team to upgrade my DNN to this new version, they help me out all the process. I just need to sit and relax. I like this hosting provider so much :)

  • has been sold to another company. The new company service is BAD.
    I am moving my sites to a new provider. \

  • i just want to verify what was said about the new support at Webhost4life. It is a totally different game there now. Be warned!


  • I've had WebHost4Life for over a year now and the old platform was great. All the negative comments about the new WebHost4Life are true. Everything about it is horrible. Stay away!!!

  • I recommend Great customer service, small fees for upgrades and more, full database access. I have over 20 sites with them now, for rmyself and clients. Started out with (back in dnn2.0), but found their support somewhat lacking, but that was a few years ago, they may have caught up. Ihostasp are it for me though, since I am a designer and not a real developer, and they even help with techie stuff that's beyond me.

  • I have to say is a great Dotnetnuke hosting provider. They have done me great for support and installs are quick and easy even for nontechies. I have over 30 websites with them and they all run great. Check them out I have been very satisfied by using them

  • If you want your DNN site always loading I suggest for DNN hosting. I have recommended them to all my clients for over 5 years now. I am a developer in Asia and my DNN sites work great at websecurestores from here.

    I also use webhostforlife but would have to agree with the above postings the new management is not doing that good. I have had numerous unexplained outages recently.

  • I would definitley not recommend GoDaddy for DNN hosting. Since I have had one of my clients there strange things periodically happen with the site (it goes down, files become corrupt etc.) and it is always a battle with their support to get things restored with them always trying to charge for whatever screw up they caused. My most recent issue is that some hackers from indonesia got into GoDaddy's servers and ran through each directory of my DNN site placing a set of index files for every possible type of server (e.g. index.html, default.aspx etc.) You can see there handywork here:

    After battling with GoDaddy for several hours I finally got a manager there to submit a ticket to escalate the issue and not charge me for their server being hacked. Which, BTW, he would never admit that the server was hacked he and the rest of the support staff keep implying that it is somehow my fault and they must have cracked my password which is a very strong password. I don't use my dog's name for my password. They do things like send you articles about spyware, worms and a host of other crap as if you need to learn about things that can hurt your site and the server etc. Basically the bottom line is that it is clear that GoDaddy had a hack of a some master domain user/password and they are trying to play it off like it is the fault of their customers.

    Long story short, as you can see my clients site is still not up and they are losing sales. As soon as the site is restored and back to working order I want to move it. I am hoping that a place recommended here like powerDNN or one of the others can actually transfer it like they advertise although I realize that it is also dependent on the cooperation/capabilities of the current host.

    Chris, I would like to see you remove GoDaddy from your list like you did WebHost4Life but I guess it is your list.



  • has anyone had webhost4life hijack another website.

    I don't even belong but recently began getting their

    website when I went to, which had never

    happened before.  What does it mean?

  • I would Prefer 3essentials

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