AgileSight, my new venture

Another important milestone in my career started three years ago when I joined Tellago. I convinced my friend Jesus to hire me, and I would eventually move to the United States with my family to work in the company.  That never occurred for some personal things, but I fortunately had a chance to create an excellent team of very talented people in Argentina. I started myself working remotely from Argentina, and the things went so well for the company that we end up hiring more than 15 great architects down here in Argentina.  Creating this team was a very interesting and completely new challenge in my career.

I also got involved in a lot of interesting projects, and what is more important, I had a chance to work and met great people, which is what it really worth it.

However, a month ago, I decided it was about time to start a personal project with a good friend of mine, and that’s how AgileSight was born. Although the initial conception of the company was to create software products, we will also offering software consulting and development services. I am definitely very excited to be part of this new venture and face all new kind of challenges ahead.

My first assignment in AgileSight couldn’t be better as I will be working in the next Web Mobile Guidance project (Liike project) with the Microsoft Patterns & Practices team.

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